All of the CRGC ranges can be rented for special events.

For more information on the cost and availability of renting one or all of the ranges please contact;

Kathy or Dennis Tipper
Phone (250)-337-0021
Fax (250)-337-1779

Misc Update from the CRGC

  • The Club is looking for a volunteer to maintain the grounds around the Indoor Range. If you’re interested please contact Greg Yeomans or Dennis Tipper at the numbers below.
  • Gate Keys- Make sure you have the proper gate keys. The Main gate has a new key Jan 1 every year. ┬áThe Key for 2017 is a Black Key. ┬áThe second gate needs a Blue key.
  • Gate Keys change on January 1 each year – make arrangements for new keys asap.
  • We have had problems with the locks so have created a 2 lock system at the gates. If your key does not open one lock try the other lock.
  • When locking the gates please put a lock at each end of the links – that means if one lock fails – the 2nd lock will still be able to let you out.
  • See Events page and Range Notice Boards for more information on Range schedules.
  • See Training pages for more information on PAL Courses, Range Orientations, Firearms Orientations and Advanced Courses.