Welcome to the Campbell River Gun Club!


May 15/23 – We need bodies to help put up the target pallets on the 600 yd range this week. Please contact Don Sundquist if you are available to help out during the week. His email is [email protected]

Range Construction Update (May 15/23)

We had a range inspection March 21 and are still waiting for the report. Last week the Range Coordinator said with the Federal employee’s strike the timeline for our licences is going to be delayed another 3 weeks minimum. So now we’re looking into June.

We are re-building our ranges based on the designs laid out in the RCMP Range Construction Guidelines manual, as instructed by the CFO’s Range Coordinator. Under these designs, we will not need any “Safety Areas” around our ranges.


Range Construction Update (December 9/22)

We have some PDF updates for each range area so far, you can find the updates on the News page here.

Trap range is open – Sundays only – Check the calendar.
Indoor range is open – Check the calendar for more information.
25 Meter Pistol range is closed.
200 Meter range is closed.
600 Yard range is closed.
Outdoor Pistol Bays are closed.

We are modifying the ranges to meet the CFO’s requirements. Anyone who can donate equipment, operate equipment, or volunteer labour, please phone Greg or Dennis, ph #’s at the bottom of this page

There are currently no scheduled CRGC Orientation Courses at the Indoor Range on Quinsam Road. If you are interested in taking the CRGC Orientation Course, contact [email protected] to get on the list. Upcoming dates will also be announced here.

People can buy a CRGC membership at any time but before Members can get keys to the Outdoor Ranges they must take the CRGC Orientation Course. This course takes approximately 1.5 hours. Members can participate in Section events before taking the course. Dates and times of Section events are available on the Calendar. Please contact the Section Director for information.

Memberships and keys are available at: (call ahead to verify hours of operation):

Gunsmoke: 250-286-0986
River Sportsman: 250-286-1017
Tyee Marine: 250-287-2641

Cash only at these retailers, bring your PAL and your brass orientation course tag.
Full membership & range key info is available here.
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The CRGC is one of Vancouver Island’s premiere gun clubs.  Unlike many other clubs on the island, we are not a Fish and Game club and deal exclusively with gun ranges at our facilities.  The CRGC has been a gun club for over 60 years, giving Campbell River area residents a safe place to shoot with coaching and competitions to enjoy. Our history is full of providing athletes for Provincial, National and International competitions with the support they need.

The CRGC is a shooting club where members can shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns at our 200m range and at our 600yd range. They can shoot Trap on Sunday afternoons at our 4 house Trap range, practice IPSC shooting in one of the 7 IPSC alleys or practice Pistol shooting at the 200m, 600yd, IPSC or 50m Pistol ranges.  

Join us today and enjoy the shooting sports.