Section – Black Powder

The Black Powder Section meets at the 600yd range on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 9:00am until 2:00 pm.
The 600yd range is only open for Black Powder shooting during Black Powder events.

Black Powder shooting is quit simply a step back in time to the pioneer days of this continent. Members may participate in the shooting of antique style firearms, the art of throwing the knives and tomahawks from that era and in the Frontier lifestyle at club meets or Rendezvous’.


This section is Family oriented with safety taken very seriously, but just about everything else is for fun. Camping at the Rendezvous is done in teepees or canvas tents and every effort is made to live the primitive lifestyle of the era. Everyone at a Rendezvous dresses in costumes of the day.

The Competitors shoot 5 types of Firearms, Caplock, Flintlock, Trade Guns, Pistols and Shotguns. The targets used include Formal (paper), Gongs (pipes, Saw blades, Cylinders etc), and Primitive (Ball splitting, String splitting, Cutting straws and Charcoal Briquettes).

Island Clubs from Victoria to Port Hardy host Rendezvous every long weekend throughout the year. Members of this section can be seen regularly at community events both locally and Provincially.

Guests are always welcome, so come on out and join us for a little fun.

All events are listed on the CRGC Calendar.

Contact the Section Director (directory here) for additional information or questions.