Section – Centerfire Rifle

The Centerfire Rifle Section meets at the 600yd range on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 8:00 am for a Fun Benchrest Shoot.
The 600yd range is closed to the public during these events.

Centerfire Gallery

centerfire1The Centrefire Rifle section of the CRGC enjoys shooting on two separate rifle ranges at distances of up to 200m and 600 yards. Both ranges have covered firing points and are closed in on three sides, have warm-up rooms and wood stoves. There are over 10 benches on each range. On both ranges there are or will be, electrical outlets beside every bench for shooters to plug in electric heaters for those hardy people who like shooting in the winter..

On the 200m and 600yd ranges there are many different competitions being held through-out the year. Shooters that want to try competition in different forms can take part in monthly competitions at the Club or join the Vancouver Island Shooting League which holds regular competitions at a number of clubs around the Island. See the events page for dates.

centerfire2Different kinds of rifle shooting activities take place on the Club’s two rifle ranges. From benchrest shooting (long and short range), reloaders checking different loads, hunters sighting in their rifles to parents teaching their children the enjoyment of shooting.

DCRA shooters may also be seen on the range and a number of our shooters regularly take part in the Military style, long range shooting.

All events are listed on the CRGC Calendar.

Contact the Section Director (directory here) for additional information or questions.