Christie Smith Shoot

Christie Hugh Smith was born in Victoria in 1935. He and his wife Patricia along with 4 year old daughter Kathy and baby son Eric became residents in Campbell River in 1963. Christie was a lawyer and a partner in the law firm of Sarich, Smith and Sinnott. He became a member of the Campbell River Gun Club in 1968 and was also active in a number of other local organizations.

Christie’s prime interest was Trap Shooting. He was elected to a three year term as director in 1970 where he was instrumental in incorporating the club under the Societies Act and handled all the legal work at no expense to the club.

In the prime of his life, at age 36, while going on a hunting trip into Chilbo Lake, Christie, along with Campbell River Residents Andy Huddock and Bob Austin were killed in a plane crash.

Since Christie was a firm believer in each section of the club working together, the members decided to hold an annual “All Around” shoot and provided a trophy in his memory.

This match requires members to shoot Trap, Handgun, 22 Rimfire, Centerfire Rifle and take part in Black Powder events. This match provides an opportunity for members to socialize with other shooters in different disciplines and to better the understanding of the operation of the other sections of the club.

Christie often said, “Do not let the various sections go in different directions, remember what is best for the club must be foremost!”

This event is our attempt to honour his commitment and remember his words.