CRGC Target Shooter Education

The Club has a very active Junior Smallbore Shooting Program ( 12 – 18 ) with certified coaches that work with the young shooters to teach them firearm safety and the basics of proper shooting techniques. The young shooters can either compete against themselves (personal bests) or can enter competitions hosted by the club or at other clubs in the Province. The social side of shooting is important to these young people, so every effort is made to be sure that after safety is satisfied, fun comes next.

There is an Adult Smallbore Shooting Program that allows adults to shoot .22 rimfire rifles at the Indoor Range. Safety training and coaching is available.

Pistol Shooter Training is available for the shooter that wants to improve their pistol shooting. The CRGC has a strong coaching team that can teach pistol shooters the basics and up to international competition techniques.

The IPSC section has certified coaches that can introduce and coach shooters who wish to indulge in this type of pistol shooting.

Multi-Gun has a complete set of Clinic designed to run you through your paces for Handgun, Holster, Shotgun, and Action Rifle.

The Centerfire Section has a large number of shooters that can coach and instruct shooters who want to become more proficient in shooting off the bench as well as reloading techniques for better accuracy.

The Trap Section has weekly practices where shooters can get coaching and advice .