Membership and Range Keys

Annual Membership Fees – 2023

Note: we are no longer offering a 1.5 year membership.

  • Adult: $150
  • Senior: $100
  • Family: $200
  • Juniors: $20

The Campbell River Gun Club reserves the right to accept, deny or cancel any membership at any time.  

Failure to observe any of the official Gun Club policies will result in the cancellation of your membership.

Two gate keys are needed if a member wants to access all of our outdoor ranges. Only a main gate key is needed to access the 200m range. A new main gate key is required on January 1st of each year. The 2nd gate key does not change yearly.

To get gate keys, you will need to have a current membership for the year, have taken the Orientation Course and have your brass tag and $10.00 for each gate key.  The yearly main gate key can be traded in + $5 for a new one. There is a $5 refund/key if you want to return them.  

Memberships & keys are available at

231 B Dogwood Street, Campbell River, BC
(250) 286-0986 | Map Here

River Sportsman
2115 Island Highway, Campbell River, BC
(250) 286-1017| Map Here

Tyee Marine
880 Island Highway, Campbell River, BC
(250) 287-2641 | Map Here

Cash only at these retailers, bring your PAL and your brass orientation course tag.

Some of the CRGC’s Executive Directors sell memberships.  You can pay for a membership from these people with cash or cheque.

During the year the CRGC does experience sporadic winter weather that can close the road inside the range gates.  While every effort is made to keep the road open from dawn to dusk 24/7/365, road closures do happen during the winter months.

The CRGC encourages the membership to bring guests to the range to learn about and experience firearms use in a safe controlled manner.  A Guest is defined as someone that is not a member of the CRGC.  Guest privileges are limited to 3 visits per year.  If a Guest comes to the range more than 3 times a year with a current member they will be expected to pay for a full annual membership.

All members must attend the Range Orientation in order to obtain keys.