Range Orientation

The Orientation Course is still cancelled. The CRGC Exec is planning for a resumption of the course.

The Campbell River Gun Club has a Mandatory Range Orientation.

This orientation is required for anyone that has joined the Club and wants to obtain keys to go shooting at the outdoor ranges.

It is a one-time event for everyone regardless of experience or number of years at the range. If you have not attended an orientation, you do not qualify for range keys.

The Range Orientation is available for free at the Indoor Gun Range.

Course dates/times can be cancelled unexpectedly, please do a last-minute check of the course date & time before travelling to the Indoor Range for the course.  

The Orientation takes approximately 2 hrs and is offered on a first-come first-served basis.   

Please watch this page for updates.

Directions to the range can be found here.

Note:  Members can still purchase their membership.  You will not qualify for keys to the outdoor ranges until you have taken the Orientation.  This is an important note for anyone with a Restricted Firearm.