Section – Trap

The Trap Section meets every Sunday from 12:00 pm ’till they want to stop at the Trap Range.
There are 3 Meat Prize Trap Shoots during the year on Boxing Day, New Years Day and Thanksgiving.
Contact the Trap Director for more information. The public is welcome to attend.
Check in when you get there for safety information if you have not done it before.

Trap shooting has been an Olympic event since 1900 and has become very popular in both Europe and North America.

The sport is usually shot using 1 trap house with a throwing machine inside. At the shooters command, a “bird” or “clay pigeon” is released, out and away from the shooter, at an unknown angle. It is up to the shooter to track and hit the rapidly moving disc before it gets out of range. The competitor shoots 5 shots from each of 5 “stands” situated in an arc around the trap house. The distance back from the house is used to make the competition more equal to all. The farther back you are, the better shot and therefore are handicapped by the extra distance.

The shotguns used are generally 12 gauge over/under units and the cost may vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for each gun.

The club can provide you with a gun if you would like to try this fast moving sport and there is always someone available to help coach you on the finer points. Men, Women and Juniors of all ages are welcome to come out and try this sport.

Sunday is the usual shooting day for the club and a number of competitions are held on Vancouver Island every year including at least one at our club.

Practice dates for 2013 – Every Sunday – 12:00 – 3:00 unless competition.

All events are listed on the CRGC Calendar.

Contact the Section Director (directory here) for additional information or questions.