• The Club is looking for a volunteer to maintain the grounds around the Indoor Range. If you’re interested please contact Greg Yeomans or Dennis Tipper
  • The 600 yd Range will be closed to the general membership on Saturday, Sept. 10th, from 8 ’till 5
  • The Pistol Range will be closed to the general membership on Tuesday, Sept. 13th & Wednesday the 14th, from 8 ’till 5
  • Gate Keys-Make sure you have the proper gate keys. The Main gate has a new key every Jan 1st. The one for 2016 is a Red Key.  The second gate needs a Blue key. We have had problems with the locks at our gates so have put in a 2 lock system. If your key does not open one lock, try the other. DO NOT lock the gates the old way.
  • The 200m range will be closed to the general membership on the 1st Sunday of every month – depending on weather for the Multi Gun Section practice. The 600yd range will be open for general use. Contact Multi-gun Section Director for more info
  • The 600 yd range will be closed to the general membership on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month for the Fun Benchrest Shoots and Blackpowder practice. The 200m range will be open for general use.
  • See Events page and Range Notice Boards for more information on Range schedules.
  • For 2017, all CRGC members will need to have taken a Range Orientation course in order to get a 2017 main gate key. This course will be offered in the fall of 2016 and as needed. Watch the Range Notice Boards and this website for more information
  • See Training page for more information on PAL Course offered by Tom Walker.
    • All Explosive, Pyrotechnic targets and Tracer ammunition is banned from being used on any CRGC range
    • No .50 BMG allowed to be shot on any CRGC range
    • There are firing distance restrictions on all IPSC alleys. See IPSC Range page for more info
    • Please do not post targets on the over-head baffles at the 50m Pistol Range.
    • If you are not sure about events or closures, check with the section director for details
    • All outdoor ranges are open from dawn ’till dusk.
    • Canadian Firearms Course 2016 – 17th & 18th December – Contact Tom Walker 250-287-8685


    The CRGC is one of Vancouver Island’s premiere gun clubs.  Unlike many other clubs on the island, we are not a Fish and Game club and deal exclusively with gun ranges at our facilities.  The CRGC has been a gun club for over 55 years, giving Campbell River area residents a safe place to shoot with coaching and competitions to enjoy. Our history is full of providing athletes for Provincial, National and International competitions with the support they need.1958 copy

    The CRGC is a shooting club where members can shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns at our 200m range and at our 600yd range. They can shoot Trap on Sunday afternoons at our 4 house Trap range, practice IPSC shooting in one of the 7 IPSC alleys or practice Pistol shooting at the 200m, 600yd, IPSC or 50m Pistol ranges.  

    Join us today and enjoy the shooting sports.