Range – Indoor

The Club is looking for a volunteer to maintain the grounds around the Indoor Range. If you’re interested please contact Greg Yeomans or Dennis Tipper at the numbers located at the bottom of the page.

We have a clubhouse / indoor range with 6 positions where we can shoot .22 rifle and pistol at 20 yards and can shoot up to 7 positions of Air Rifle and Air Pistol.

The Indoor Range is used on Monday nights for Biathlon shooting practice and Tuesday nights for Junior Smallbore shooting practice.  Wednesday nights is Adult Smallbore shooting practice and Thursday night is the Pistol section shooting.  See Events for details on each.Indoor Range

The clubhouse has kitchen facilities and meeting/washroom areas.  It is also used for Club meetings and other Club functions.

Firearms allowed on this range – .22LR Rifle, Pistols up to & including .38 cal. with lead bullets no more than 1000fps and Air Rifles & Air Pistols.

Indoor Range Photo Gallery