Section – Pistol

Meet Thursdays at the Indoor Range until end of March and then meeting at the outdoor range. Starting time 4:00 pm. 
  If it is raining, drive by the indoor range first. The Indoor Range is closed to the public during Pistol events.  Contact the Section Director to make sure the dates are accurate.

This section of the Campbell River Gun Club provides Training and a Safe Environment for people to shoot Pistols. The principle objective is to encourage shooters to participate in target shooting in the international pistol events.  Most international pistol shooting is done at 25 meters distance. The two exceptions are Air Pistol (10 meters) and Free pistol at 50 meters.

Some of the levels of the Pistol Section are

Free Pistol

Meaning free of restrictions regarding weight, trigger pull and sight radius. Calibre is .22 lr. This is the ultimate slow fire precision event, with 60 shots fired over a two hour time period with open sights.

Rapid Fire Pistol

If you think of Free Pistol as the marathon event then Rapid-Fire is the sprint event for men. One shot on each of 5 targets in tow series each of 8, 6, and 4 seconds, for a total of thirty shots. This is repeated a second time for a grand total of 60 shots overall.

Centerfire Pistol

This event is for any centre fire cartridge pistol up to .38 calibre. Pistols must have a minimum trigger pull of 1360 grams (3 lbs.), maximum barrel length of 156 mm (6″) and open sights. The event is divided into two stages each of 30 shots. The precision stage is fired first, 30 shots in 36 minutes. (5 shot series in 6 min. each). The second stage is shot on rapid fire targets which are exposed for three seconds, turned away for 7 seconds, and repeated over a series of 5 shots for a 30 shot total.

Sport Pistol

This women’s discipline was first introduced to the Olympic scene in 1984. It is a 60 shot match fired at 25 meters distance conforming to the centre fire discipline but it is restricted to .22 calibre guns with a trigger pull of 1000 grams (2 lbs.).

Standard Pistol

This event combines elements of precision and rapid fire. Any pistol which conforms to the rules ( .22 calibre, 156 mm barrel, 1000 gram trigger pull ) can be used. 60 shots are fired in three twenty shot series. Two and a half minutes for 5 shots; twenty seconds for 5 shots; ten seconds for 5 shots.

Air Pistol

This event is shot by both men and women, but they shoot in separate matches. Men fire 60 scoring shots over 105 minutes and women fire 40 scoring shots in 75 minutes. These precise .177 caliber air or CO2 powered handguns have a trigger pull of 500 grams minimum and are shot at 10 meters distance like the Air Rifle event.

Shooting takes place weekly, on the indoor range during the winter months and outdoors on the new range during the summer months. The club traditionally hosts 1 provincial level match every year.

Pistol Clinics

Pistol clinics to teach safe gun handling and the basic elements of pistol shooting are held on demand with sufficient applicants

All events are listed on the CRGC Calendar.

Contact the Section Director (directory here) for additional information or questions.