Section – Action Shooting

The IPSC section has been changed to the Action Shooting section

– The Action Shooting Section meets on the 2nd and last Sunday of the month from May through September, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Handgun Bays.
– The public can shoot in bays not being used by the IPSC Section.
– The Action Shooting Section has priority over which bay(s) they set up on during this time.
– There are 7 bays available so plenty of room for everyone.
– If you’re not sure where to set up please talk to the Action Shooting members as they arrive to shoot.
The IPSC section information below will be updated shortly to reflect the the change of the section to Action Shooting.

IPSC is the acronym for International Practical Shooting Confederation.

IPSC is a dynamic fast paced shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. If traditional target shooting leaves you cold, this may be what you are looking for – the most popular form of organized competitive target shooting & the fastest growing shooting discipline in the world. Elements combine to keep competitors & spectators entertained.

IPSC requires competitors to shoot fast & accurately while on the move & to develop techniques to save time between shots, during reloads & drawing etc. How to engage targets is up to the shooter (freestyle, strong-hand, weak-hand, prone and others) depending on course of fire. Score is the total points earned divided by elapsed time calculated to 4 decimal places requiring a computer & software. The challenge is to continually improve accuracy, speed, & power.

Minimum cartridge is 9mm parabellum (9x19mm). Semi-auto pistols are recommended, though revolvers can be used. The firearm must be reliable & capable of firing ~400 rounds without malfunctions to keep elapsed times to a minimum. For those on a budget, the Production Division limits guns to basically unmodified, very affordable, duty type firearms (e.g. Beretta 92, Glock 17, Para-Ordnance LDA). At least 3 reliable magazines or speed-loaders are required. The belt carries the pistols in a holster & spare magazines/ speed-loaders in pouches.

IPSC emphasizes the practical aspect of firearm handling. Matches are different each time with different ranges, number & type of targets & arrays. Competitors need to be diverse in their training so that they can handle the challenge presented by the match designers. Shooter may be required to shoot targets from 2 to 50+ meters away in the same stage. Targets can be paper/ steel/ stationary/ reactive. Penalty targets are often placed near “shoot” targets to increase difficulty. Points are subtracted for hitting these “no-shoot” targets.

IPSC Canada (the governing body) emphasizes firearm safety and handling. Completion of the IPSC Black Badge Safety course is necessary before one is permitted to compete in matches. The IPSC Black Badge Safety course is more than “Basic-Level” instruction and a reasonable degree of shooting ability and familiarity with your equipment is necessary to get maximum benefit and enjoyment from the program. These requirements are intended to teach the basics so the student gets the most out of the course.

Come on out. Participate in the most dynamic shooting sport around. Campbell River Gun Club IPSC section meets 2nd & last Sunday (May – Sept) from 10:00 – 2:00 at the new range facilities.

IPSC Rules
All events are listed on the CRGC Calendar.

Contact the Section Director (directory here) for additional information or questions. (January 2012 Edition)

IPSC Handgun Rules (January 2012 Edition)

IPSC Rifle Rules (January 2012 Edition)

IPSC Shotgun Rules (January 2012 Edition)