Trap Range

The Trap Section has a practice every Sunday starting at 12:00 noon at the Trap Range. Everyone welcome.

There are 4 Trap Meat Prize Shoots annually. Boxing Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving. Everyone welcome. Contact Trap Director for more info.

The Trap Range is restricted to shotguns only.  No other firearms shall be used on this range. Range is open from dawn ’till dusk.

Using your main gate key you will be able to access the CRGC main road that leads to all of the outdoor ranges. Keys are only available to current members. See the memberships section for details.

Once inside the main gate, after locking it behind you, continue up the road to the second gate.  With your 2nd key, go through the gate, locking it behind you and continue up the road all the way to the end.


Each range has a large parking area.  Some guidelines for the range are;

  1. READ and obey the posted range rules and all signs.
  2. If there is 2 or more shooters, 1 of the shooters must be designated as a Range Officer. The RO will co-ordinate Trap shooting and enforce the posted Range Rules
  3. Don’t block any of the driveways or range roads
  4. Keep your vehicles locked at all times
  5. Do not leave food or garbage on or around the range
  6. Always handle or store your firearms in a safe manner
  7. No alcohol or drug use is permitted
  8. Please clean up after your shooting, hulls in the garbage and don’t be afraid to dump the garbage can into the dumpster


100_9162Once parked at the Trap Range building, all members and guests are required to sign in at the door.  After signing in you will find the Trap Range is a very large facility and can be used by many shooters at the same time.

Except for Sunday and scheduled events, members can use the Trap Range any day of the week with their own bird launcher. If you come up on Sundays when the Trap Section is out, the automated trap machines are used and everyone can have a great time. 

 Trap practice is every Sunday, noon ’till whenever.



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